Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fall Festival....

Last year I posted how I love our annual Foothills Fall Festival. How it is something the kids and I look forward to every year. How I love that they perform their gymnastics and dance skills with Tumblebears.....and then Mike had to work. Again. For the third year in a row. I am thinking he has caught on to the craziness earlier than I have, and is starting to plan his schedule to include working this weekend....

I started out Friday with my friend Joy, and her three kids, who are all friends with mine. Now, I have to say that while this is the FALL Festival, it never fails to be the hottest weekend in the fall. While we did have a good time, you take six kids who want to go in at least three different directions with two moms and no dads...and it makes for a long time waiting in lines, keeping those waiting happy, and trying to keep them cool while paying $2.00 for water.

Caleb found a jousting game he wanted to play, but when he asked Ezra if he would play him, Ez said no. So with tears in his eyes, he looks at me and says , "guess I wont get to do this until next year." So, with tears in mine, (for not wanting to do this) I say, "I will do it with you." So I put on this huge outfit, and to top it off, they add an extra weight to the top of my head. I will say it was fun to do this with Caleb, and I thought "He better remember this the next time he says I don't do anything for him." I did smoke him in the game...and looked fondly on it until I read Sarah's facebook where Leigh had left a message saying "Ewww, hope you didn't let your kids put any helmets on." That's when my head started itching. I keep telling myself we were the first ones to use those outfits.

The rest of the day was fun, but so exhausting, and much grumbling and fighting on the way home. That was before I even HAD to be there because of my job teaching gymnastics and any of the kids performances.

I didn't think it could be hotter than last year, where everyone had burn marks on their bodies from the sun melting the mats they were tumbling on. This year, it was feet that were burned. I no sooner showed up when my co-workers showed me their bright red knees and feet. Let me just say, hours in the sun watching, spotting, and leading gymnastics, equals tired and grumpy instructors, and more whiny children who would rather be going on "the rides."

The highlight...and there is one...my girls started a new class this year called cheer gym. (they both thought they were too big for my tippy toe and tumble class) Anyway, they were so cute doing their cheers for the Vols, and dancing to High School Musical, Elisa being the one they lifted up for the stunt. My other highlight...I led the little girls I teach to the song Dancing Queen (one of my favorites ever) (and my girls said they wished they knew we were dancing to this song...they would have joined us...)

(Side note....when my desktop is feeling better, I have great pictures to add....until then, I need to add a photo program to the lap top, or you will just have to visualize my jousting, lice infested outfit!)

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Mike said...

Man!!! You finally caught on to my working during the Fall Festival antics!?!?

I guess I must come up with a new plan for next year. =)