Monday, October 12, 2009

From the mouth of a little boy....and God's providence...

Yesterday afternoon I started going through the seven totes of clothes I have of winter clothes for the girls. (we are very blessed to have people hand down clothes to us and we have an abundance.) I was having the girls try on pants to see which ones would fit for this winter. One pair Rebekah tried on were way too short.
I said "Bekah, those won't work, you can see the top of your socks." To which Caleb said, "then just buy her longer socks!" Mike was so proud!

Last night around midnight I woke up having a chill down my back. I sat up, looked out my window and laid back down. A few minutes later I was woken (soory if that is the wrong word) up again and saw Mike looking down in Micah's cradle. Mike sleeps downstairs on the nights he has to work so the little guy doesn't keep him up and he can be coherent the next day. Anyway, after I screamed, since I wasn't expecting anyone in the room, he told me he was asleep but woken up because he felt something wasn't right. He looked over at one of the wall in the basement and there was smoke coming out of the socket.

He took it out and it was melted. We don't know why this happened, we don't even use that socket, but for some reason it began to smoke...and for some "reason" Mike was woken up to see it, and he was asleep in the basement the night it happened.

Caleb was brought upstairs and the ciruits were turned off downstairs...There wasn't a lot of sleep around our house between the two of us, but a lot of thanksgiving to God that we are safe.