Monday, August 9, 2010

Homeschool...take 6...

Today we began our sixth year of homeschooling. I really wasn't planning on it, especially since I just ordered from Rainbow Resource last Thursday. But yesterday, I started getting excited about a new year, without a newborn and with a little more sleep. (though I am now seeing that a one year old will be more challenging than a newborn) Anyway, I decided to start today. It is so stinkin' hot here, and the kids hang out inside off we go!

I called last year the "year of the workbook" That is pretty much all we did...I did not do so well on such little sleep and would grow even more tired at the thought of reading a novel to my kids...sad, I know...but, that is how it went. So this year I have decided must be fun, and hands on, and exciting...well, hopefully.

We ended last year at the start of the Civil War, and I had bought a Civil War lapbook from Hands of a Child. Let me say I love lapbooks, at least the idea of them. If I finish one, I will let you know...anyway...I didn't even print it out. I found our this summer that HOAC have online co-ops, so I decided to check that out. The first lapbook they chose to do this year is Civil War. I decided to join, hoping it will keep me on task. It is really cool. Everyone has a "job" to do, and posts it to the group. (math, scripture, geography, games, crafts...) It goes on for two school weeks. Today was day one, which was also why I decided to get going on school, to stay with what the group was doing...

We had fun math problems about how many states there were, and subtracting out how many were free, we made a Nettie doll, looked up the Atlantic triangle slave trade on a map, and had a fun story starter with a writing assignment for Caleb. Ok, so I know it is day one and I have 13 days to go, but I think we all had fun, and the kids were so happy to have something hands on to do.

Like I said, I recently placed my Rainbow order, which contains a lot of our books...but we had math already and a few things here and there. So, we are gently easing in to the year. I really hope to spend a little more time with the girls reading fun "girly" books that I had overlooked before, play a few more games, and, well, just enjoy my kids.