Tuesday, August 21, 2007


So as to not steal Smallworlds Monday memory theme, I title this Travis. But it is a memory I had on a Monday...yesterday.
My nephew, Travis, graduated from high school last May. He is the first grandchild to do so. Travis is my brother in law's son from his first marriage, but is so very much "ours." I first met him my Senior year of high school while working at Eckerd pharmacy. My brother in law, Jeff, was my boss. He and my sister had just starte dating, and the fact he had a son didn't sit well with my parents. I will never forget the day I met this little curly, blond hair little boy. He didn't want anything to do with me and was really shy. But I remember him running around the corner and seeing him for the first time. What a cutie.
It took awhile for him to be "accepted" by my parents, he called them Rodi and Nick for a long time. That is a long saga in itself, but, long story short, none of us would know what we would do without Travis. He has grown up to be such a great young man. He harasses the fire out of me and mom, and makes us laugh. He is an amazing big brother to four younger siblings, one being 2 months old. And, he leaves for college on Friday.
Last night we had a dinner for him, and said our good byes and best wishes for him at college. I did well to keep my tears at bay, but saying good bye was hard. Brunch on Sundays at mom's is going to be a lot quiter without him. It's hard to believe that I have watched this "kid" grow up already over the last 16 years. And, really, it freaks me out that it isn't that long that we have our kids at home...so I am thankful that's where mine are....

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Aug. 22, 2007 - Untitled Comment
Posted by LaDonna C.
What a sweet post about Travis...I am feeling those first "pangs" of boys growing up and moving off. It has hit me hard that I only have Justin for this year and next, and then he's off to other adventures!! :( I'm so glad that I have them here at home with me for their school day!!!

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