Friday, August 17, 2007


OK, I love musicals...even when most of those who are watching are teens...We just finished the much anticipated ( at least in this house, well, minus Mike) High School Musical 2....It took a bit to get in to, but we had fun watching together and will soon be out getting the soundtrack to drive Mike a little more nuts around here!! And, of course, trying to learn a few new dance moves...
By the way I over heard Bekah the other day tell Caleb, "Troy Bolton is my boyfriend." What have I done?
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Aug. 18, 2007 - My new avatar...
Posted by fyftn
Guess it's for you and Bekah. my 5 year old going on 16.
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Sep. 9, 2007 - Untitled Comment
Posted by SchoolinRhome
My girls (and yes, I'll admit it.....and I ) liked High School Musical a lot! They have really gotten "into" musicals lately (and even just got into a homeschooling drama touring team.) This happened after I heard my daughter tell her sister (while lying in bed before falling asleep) "It would be my dream to be in a musical." This is the night after we watched HSM but thankfully the Lord gave her this dream to try out! Anyway...We too loved it and I am glad I can enjoy this with my older girls. We have the movie (#1) and the music CDS. It even got us into Karaoke. I was really happily surprised that the movie had such good modesty with the way they dressed (esp. being a teen movie, setting: a summer vacation-poolside.)

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