Wednesday, August 22, 2007

How is it?

That I could love a little person so much, yet want to rip my hair out when teaching her to read? Today was just another one of my "not so finest moments". It started with history and talking about how many years there were in a century. This was the main concept I really wanted them to pick up. 100 years.
So, of course, we get to the end and I say" OK, guys, how many years are in a century?" Caleb bangs his head, and Bekah gives me her normal "I don't know" answer. Caleb finally says, "one?" Then Bekah chimes in with "three, no 83." This was the beginning of my day with my little sweeties.
So, later, moving on to reading with Bekah, which I have learned, is best early on in the day: let her read to me first, and then do 100 easy lessons. This is how she likes were reviewing "a" words today so we could move to the "e" book. Now, granted, this is a five year old who has been reading words for quite sometime, but only consistently for 3 weeks. And so, she did real well in the beginning, sounding out the ones she hadn't memorized, and I gave her the "great job, Bekah" But it went downhill. I am still trying to figure her out, when is too much, when to go on... but she does this "thing" where she sounds out the word gggaaasss and then looks at the ceiling and says "glass, gat, gan.." and whatever else starts with "g"
And, I lost my cool. Really lost it. What is wrong with me that I can praise this child one minute and then want to rip my hair out the the way it happened with pan, right after man...So ,I blew it..again.
I can't believe how forgiving our children can be, because at bed tonight she gave me the best hug and told me how much she loved me. And she pointed to her wall with all her "words" hanging on it and said, "Mom, we need to add pan and gas."
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Aug. 23, 2007 - I am never proud....
Posted by jenmcintyre
of my lack of patience. Emily asked me a couple of days ago how I could fuss at Noah one second and then calmly talk to her the next second. Literally.
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Aug. 23, 2007 - I struggle with this too
Posted by QueenoftheHill
And so often, fail. I must be the most impatient person in the world. I heard it said once that frustration was thwarted self-will. What is it my self wants so desperately that it is willing to yell and be disparaging to get it?? Totally off the subject, but why not teach them the concept of a century with 100 beads, buttons, or pennies? Seems like kids need to SEE things to get concepts. (And what kid doesn't love playing with money??) You can line them up in rows of 10 for decades, and so on, so forth. Hope that helps!Edited by QueenoftheHill on Aug. 23, 2007 at 8:22 PM
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Aug. 23, 2007 - Okay, this is why...
Posted by LaDonna C.
I have put off starting school for as long as possible this year! Clatyon WAS doing so good, then no regular reading for close to a month, then I get out a SIMPLE book and he can't even read the word "is?" I could feel my temperature rising and just put the book down and walked away!!! So, you are not alone, Sista!
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Aug. 24, 2007 - Just a thought ... or two ...
Posted by arajbrown
+maybe, just maybe, when anyone starts banging their head ... it might be a sign to back up and try a different approach (like the Queen's idea ... Cheerios works well, beans ...whatever ... try to avoid M & M's, the disappear ... and doughnuts, while soothing, are hard to manage);) +possibly there is something about the temperature outside that should lead us to not attempt any interaction with husbands or children if we have to step foot into oven we call 'outdoors' !!
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Aug. 26, 2007 - if it is any consolation
Posted by onfire
my boys dug out all of their old journals today and, upon reading them, said to me ... (each one came to me seperately but saying exactly the same thing) ... "wow, I have over 45 entries that pretty much say how mean I thought you were and how badly you treated me." I chose to simply smile and run my fingers through their hair. why? because they are probably just as right as they are wrong. and because I am just as normal as you ...
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Sep. 9, 2007 - Untitled Comment
Posted by SchoolinRhome
Hi! I recently posted on patience, too. I think MOST of us homeschooling moms often have this problem. (We just don't get the breaks that we need sometimes- just to keep our inner sanity!). I think only other homeschooling moms truly understand (besides the Lord!) It is quite a challenge to deal with everything that comes flying at you at once and do it all "just right". I feel I am failing miserably at this right now as I am juggling 5 little blessings -homeschooling. The Lord is showing me lessons all along the way though and hopefully this school year my good will far outweigh my bad. Keep Keeping on!

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