Monday, August 6, 2007

First day back...

After weeks of "Monday I am going to start school," the kids and I began our third year of homeschooling today. It is Caleb's 2nd grade year and Bekah's kindergarten year. Elisa just likes to hang out and do her work books. I wasn't sure what to expect with two officially at home, and I still don't, but Bekah I do believe is going to give me a run for my money!
Where Caleb loves to listen to the books (we do Sonlight), Bekah couldn't wait until I was done with history and asked for her Math book. This bothered Caleb because for the last two years we have done history, then science. He doesn't enjoy the workbooks as much, though he does love math. We had a pretty good day, when Bekah wasn't arguing with me about how "I didn't have to write this much in preschool."
Caleb has always been an eager learner. He picked up on reading very easily, read his math workbooks within a few weeks in K, and was really an independent little guy. I do remember having a moment with him, though when we were learning the continents. He kept calling Europe, Africa, or vice versa, and when I was about to scream, "No, it's...." a mosquito landed on his forehead and I smacked him in the head to kill it. (you don't have to tell me what a good mom I am.) After I "lovingly" tell him I was just trying to keep him from a bite, I had this moment of glee that I tried to literally smack this lesson into his head. I'm sure he has known them since.
The difference between these two is amazing. Just the personality difference, coupled with the fact she is a sweet, yet emotional little girl, may just do me in. But, hey we are only at the beginning, and as I tucked her in on Sunday night, I was so thankful that I wasn't sending her away for 7 hours the next day. I just hope I can get her figured out before there are too many "mosquitoes" on her head.
And so, with that, here are a few of our fun moments....

We found K'nex at a garage sale this weekend and Mr. creativity made a ferris wheel today...

A joyful moment of Bekah working on her "All about Me" book....
And Elisa loves tracing her letters and "doing school" with us...
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Aug. 8, 2007 - Untitled Comment
Posted by SmallWorld
Don't they all look like SUCH angel! And, I hate to tell you this, but I had a quick glimpse of Bekah as a teenager in the pic....and you are gonna have to WATCH OUT! She is headed toward being a smashing beauty.
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Aug. 8, 2007 - I shudder whenever I think of it!
Posted by QueenoftheHill
I'm really enjoying not feeling guilty about NOT doing anything. (Okay, I do feel guilty about not keeping my Team X commitment -- at least most of the time.) I need to pack a lot of fun stuff into the next 2 weeks so Day #1 isn't so painful.
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Aug. 9, 2007 - Untitled Comment
Posted by jenmcintyre
Just looking at your last two posts makes me think your kids have grown so much.
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Aug. 10, 2007 - Untitled Comment
Posted by fyftn
Look at how peaceful and studious the children are. Glad to see they are so willing to learn. =)

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