Monday, May 21, 2007

What a weekend!

This past week has been a blur. From working and working to get my house in order, to Bekah's preschool graduation, to Danielle coming, I feel like I have lived much in the past week. By the time Danielle got here Thurs. I could barely keep my eyes open. After much anticipation, she made it!!
What a great time we had. We can fall right back into place, even after not having seen each other for almost two years. Our first order of business was to open a pack of cookie dough and eat as much as possible before turning in for the night. We got to Asheville, NC for the weekend. It doesn't take much to amuse us, and so we spent much of the weekend laughing. Had it not been for the 3 packages of cookie dough we consumed, I may have had flat abs after all this. We were questioned by sales people at more than one store about what was so funny. We tried out furniture, hats, dresses, and $3 margaritas that were so small even my kids would have been excited about the lemonade they just had.
But then there was this voice. And, Oh how do you explain it. All I can say is, if you know who Sylvia Brown is, some weird psychic woman, you will know the voice. We were priviledged enough to see a clip of her freak show and decided to mimic her 30 plus years of smoking voice all the was back to TN. Now really, this may not seem funny, but oh my, I had not laughed like that in a long time. I thought Mike was going to throw us out last night. He wasn't as amused.
It's so great to have this different aspect of friendship here. I sometimes wonder what our friendship would look like if Mike and I stayed in WA. I wonder if it would be as great as it is now, with all the hustle of daily life for both of us. So, I will remember and think so fondly and laughingly (if that is a word) on this weekend and look forward to the next time...
photographer: Bekah, age 5
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May. 21, 2007 - So awesome!
Posted by SmallWorld
I'm so glad you had a great time and so sorry I didn't get to meet her!
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May. 22, 2007 - I have two friends like that
Posted by onfire
we've had our ups and downs, for sure, but there is nothing that can replace that kind of familiar love that just rolls with whatever is happening ... AND laughs at all the right places. I only wish I lived near Tennessee, so I could have possibly added to my friends for real Kristina
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May. 22, 2007 - I'm so jealous!
Posted by QueenoftheHill
I don't know that I have anyone to just plain giggle with anymore! How wonderful that you got to spend a whole week with Danielle. What a blessing.
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Jun. 1, 2007 - Untitled Comment
Posted by Anonymous
Can I just say that I need Becca in my photography class??? She did a GREAT job! LaDonna

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