Saturday, May 5, 2007

No UTI...

Just potty least I feel a little better about myslef (that she didn't have an infection....) Now onto other problems to solve..

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May. 13, 2007 - Could it be...
Posted by aiminghigh allergies? My young daughter had a similiar problem with lack of control with urinating. I had never been told that one response to food allergies was an increased inability to control urination. We had her tested for food allergies because of some other issues going on with her; it was at that time the tester mentioned that wetting can be an allergic response...her list of food allergies is very long. We cleaned out her system, adjusted her food intact, more wetting issues! So...just a thought to consider. By the way, a "regular" doctor may look at you crosswise if you mention this; I would go to a naturpath as they tend to be more in tune with food related issues and the body's responses to nutrition.

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