Friday, May 4, 2007

Not my finest moment...

We had a great afternoon yesterday at the bloggers picnic. I got to meet people I never knew exsisted, and now get to read their blogs, and found out some of my own friends blogged, and I never knew. My girls met two new friends, and Caleb looked like he had fought a war doing who knows what with Duncan.
And then, I had to move over to Caleb's pack meeting at another park. I don't think we were there ten minutes when Bekah runs across the park screaming MOM, MOM, and holding herself. I have to back up and say it has been more and more frequent that she will hold her pee to the last moment and urinate mom's floor, her car seat, her bed...and so I am a bit I knew what was going to happen but I start screaming, "Run Bekah, Run," and she does for a moment and then stops. So, in front of EVERyONE , I pull down her pants for her to pee on the ground and she just starts peeing all over herself. (the underwear never made it all the way down) And so I just walked away.
Her little bare buns still out there for all to see, including the cute birth mark on her bottom, I walked away. Mike was right behind me and took her to the bathroom. Now, granted, I didn't spank her or yell at her, but, as I looked up everyone was looking at me. It was a small break from watching Gideon get his head wrapped after face planting on the sidewalk, I suppose. I went over to about every mom and apologized for how I acted.
The good news is, they are all moms and have been there, tired of cleaning up pee. So Tia tells me about how her daughter has UTI's and maybe this is what is going on with Bekah...I made an appointment to take her in today, and so we shall see.
Last night as I put her to bed, I told her how sorry I was for the way I acted. She told me she forgave me and said "Mom, I just love you too much."
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May. 4, 2007 - how sweet...
Posted by Suzanne
...about her love for you -- NOT about her potty accident. :-) (Is Bekah the younger one?) So,did you have a extra set of clothes in the car/van/SUV/whatever just waiting to be used?
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May. 4, 2007 - Untitled Comment
Posted by partyoffive
Bekah is the older extra clothes. I did have a friend come up to me with a 2T outfit, which was sweet, but Bekah is a 5/6!! she sat on a bench until she said she was tired and fell asleep..
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May. 4, 2007 - Untitled Comment
Posted by SmallWorld
I feel your pain....but I do wish I had been there because you know I would have been CRACKING UP! I know you weren't, but oh my goodness! How hysterical is that? You will never forget that moment, and when she's 40 she can say, "Remember that time I peed in front of the whole pack?"
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May. 7, 2007 - I felt your pain!
Posted by QueenoftheHill
But I will confess that I had to stifle a giggle. I have SOOOOO been there myself. In my case, it was a boy who simply couldn't be stopped from dropping trou and just peeing wherever he was standing in the school playground. Yet another hazard of living a rural lifestyle. :-)

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