Saturday, May 5, 2007

My little rocker...

Last night I got to go see Sanctus Real in concert, thanks to my husband, who, in a weeks time organized and promoted this with dad2three. Caleb found out that a friend of his was going and asked if he could go to. He hasn't been to a concert yet, and I knew this one would be loud. So, I took him down to the sound check and told him that there would be no " I want to go home, it's too loud, I'm bored, can I get something to eat..." And he promised he wouldn't.
So, Caleb became my date for the night. I did get to help out at the product tabe for a lot of the opening acts, so Caleb and his friend Hunter, rocked with Chris, Hunter's dad. Caleb had a great time. And yes, it was very loud. So loud that I started handing out the extra ear plugs I had to those coming out with their fingers in their ears!
Caleb danced with me, clapped along, sat on my shoulders, and sang along to the parts of the songs he knew. It was a great mother-son night. Afterwards, we got to meet the band. They were so great to sign what we wanted signed and pose for many pictures , mainly with Caleb and Hunter.
I just woke Caleb up. It is 10 am. He is asking for me to hang up his Sanctus Real poster, and as we drive to our last soccer game today, no doubt there will be SR playing in the car...

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May. 5, 2007 - Untitled Comment
Posted by SmallWorld
Great photos! Caleb will treasure that forever!
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May. 5, 2007 - You AND Your Husband ROCK
Posted by Dad2Three
Here are my mental notes from last night: Donna and Caleb gettin' funky to a hoppin' little Need to Breath tune; Donna, Leigh and Sheila (pronounced "Shilla") gettin' jiggy with it during "I'm Not Alright"; Mike starting the mosh pit and 274 kids joining in; Randy swayin' back and forth remembering the Neil Young concert in Dayton (or was it the Dead in Cleveland - can't remember, nor can he); Beccah doin' the pogo during the This Beautiful Republic opening number; Mike break dancing in the parking lot after the final speaker-box was loaded into the van; parents with ear plugs in the back row while kids without ear plugs hugged the speakers; hand towels - lots of embroidered hand-towels (even one that said, "RickY" with little hearts); great big HUGE tremendous fun - let's do it again when our ears stop ringing. R ps - Bring little-E next time, the only thing missing was a little stage-diving !!!!
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May. 7, 2007 - I wasn't break-dancing...
Posted by fyftn
... that was me twitching in agony after throwing out my back loading that last speaker into the truck. Everything else is pretty much how I remember it too. ;)
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May. 8, 2007 - finally back to normal
Posted by onfire
whatever normal really means, that is. Neal is taking the rest of the week off to recover from pneumonia (found out yesterday). Yuck. I just wanted to stop by and tell you how cool the blogger picnic was for us and that we really really wanted to go to the concert. Looking back though, I am not sure either of us could have handled it (we were really tired and had no idea Neal was so sick). I guess the pictures you posted will just have to do kristina

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