Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Happy Birthday Mike(y)

And so, it is the time of year where Mike catches up to me a little on the age game. We are 16 months apart, so for too many months it sounds like I am 2 years older than him. When we first started dating, I was was20, he was 18.
We barely saw each other, had different lunch plans ( I forgot and volunteered at Bekah's preschool) and had gymnastics and soccer before making it home to a yummy cheesecake made by my friend Maggie. Then off to baths, where I lost my cool with two fighting girls, a present that wasn't wrapped, and the last bit of American Idol. What a life! Happy Birthday, Mike....you are my sweetheart and my best friend.
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May. 9, 2007 - i know that game ...
Posted by onfire
I should say I know both of those games. Meaning, I am 17 months older than Neal, so it was a really funny day (for him) when I turned 30. I have been battling two fighting boys too. Seems they like it better in TN. hmmmm maybe they get that from their mother. Kristina

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