Thursday, March 1, 2007


And so I have to say that yesterday, was lovely for me. And I am partially embarrassed to admit it was because I didn't have my kids all morning. Sometimes friends can tell when you are hanging on by a thread. And that is exactly where I was on Monday. A wonderful friend asked what she could do to help me. I initially thought "Please pray for me", but that didn't come out, because what I was thinking was, "Please take them." And she did. So I had three hours alone in my house yesterday. I listened to a cd, talked to many friends without being interrupted by my kids (just theirs:) ) and found that, indeed, I have a floor in my bedroom. I knew it was there. It had just been awhile since I had seen it.
Just three hours, and I felt like a new woman. I was excited to see them when they came back, and a bit less uptight. Anyway, I am thankful for friends like Amy who saw in my eyes just a need for help, offered and followed through. What a gift.
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Mar. 2, 2007 - Vacation
Posted by heartworkingmom
Wow, 3 hours! I've been needing one of those for a while. Good for you :). Ever hear/read the homeschool cartoon that says: You know you're a homeschool mom when 2 minutes to yourself is called a vacation? LOL. Thank God for friends. I didn't get 3 hours to myself, but last night I visited with 2 friends at one of our friend's house (the goal was to pray together, which we eventually did) as our husbands were on business trips. It was LOUD with 7 kids 7 and under having a blast, but refreshing! God bless.
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Mar. 2, 2007 - Any 'ole time pal!!!
Posted by arajbrown
We had such a great time having little ones around! Even hanging from the staircase! hugs to you!
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Mar. 2, 2007 - Any ol' time???
Posted by fyftn
Be careful what you offer... Let me run and get my calendar. We need you to take them Monday from 1-9pm, Tuesday from 5-9 pm, we'll keep them Wednesday and you can have them Thursday and Friday... :) Thanks for giving her a break. Mike

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