Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Worst Birthday Ever

Yesterday was Caleb's 7th birthday. I am a birthday person and love to make a big deal about them. The day started out great with him coming and cuddling with me in bed, and then him asking if we could go to the Rush (the gym where I work out ). And so that is what we did. He likes going to the Rush because he gets to play video games, which we don't have at home. But, when I went to go get him, they said he was grumpy (which hardly describes Caleb) and he says I was gone too long. To make this up to him, I said we could stop by a friends house to take him to lunch with us. ( I love this about my friends who home school, that there kids are home and I can drop in for a lunch date...) Anyway, in the two minutes it took us to get from Duncan's house to Chick-fil-a, Caleb had his head resting on the headrest. He didn't want to play much and requested we go home so he can take a nap. And, he says "I hope I am not sick, that would make it the worst birthday ever." So, I took Duncan home and apologized to Sarah for brinigng him to lunch with my possible sick child.
Well, after nap, things went from bad to worse...I got in the shower and Caleb came in the bathroom crying, " now I know this is the worst day ever" It was then I knew....and panicked that he was going to tell me he threw up all over my new not quite white, but light enough chair. (bad mom thought, I know) He said he threw up on the floor, but it was everywhere. Now I have visions of Elisa running through the house and sliding on puke. As luck would have it, Mike came home moments later and cleaned up the mess for me. I don't do well with vomit, so this was a wonderful thing for me.
Poor guy, he was so bummed. No cake, no ice cream...no dinner. But there were presents and I promised him a birthday do over when he was able to hold things down. I still can't believe my oldest child is 7. He asked me if I would cry, since I always cry on their birthdays. "Yes, Caleb", I told him. It is a joy to be this little boy's mom, and I am thankful for 7 great years with this little guy.
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Mar. 22, 2007 - Oh man!
Posted by QueenoftheHill
And for the record, I would have had exactly the same response to barf: "how's my furniture and/or carpet holding up?" But the visual I get flashing before my eyes includes the family dog. Ugh. I'm sure the make-up birthday will be fabulous!
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Mar. 24, 2007 - poor guy
Posted by jenmcintyre
I hope he doesn't get to detailed Monday. yuck great site.... can't believe I missed seeing you here!!!

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