Tuesday, November 20, 2007

My four year old...

Last Thursday was Elisa's fourth birthday. It's hard to believe my "baby" is four. I mean, by the time Caleb was 3 1/2, he had two younger siblings. But here is Elisa, with no younger siblings, and growing up so fast.
Unfortunately, I was not feeling well that day, and wasn't the most pleasant person to be around, but it was a great day for her, complete with a trip to Chuck E Cheese, and a new princess laptop.
Elisa was, in a way, a surprise for Mike and I. After having Caleb and Bekah 24 months apart, we thought we would spread out the next one. We found out Elisa was on the way right after Bekah turned one. So, Caleb was 3 1/2 and Bekah 1 1/2 when Elisa came along. I really thought I would have to resusitate Mike the night I told him I was pregnant.
But what a joy she is. This little blonde hair, blue eyed dimpled beauty still makes our hearts melt. The first thing she wants to do in the morning is come and cuddle with me. While she has been my biggest "turkey", she brings me so much happiness, and I feel so blessed that God gave me this precious little girl. Here she is, after being 5 days late, and in labor all night....she performed her first gymnastics stunt and turned transverse, and was delivered c-section.
And so it is fitting that she is a good little gymnast and wanted a gymnastics party this year...
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Nov. 20, 2007 - Untitled Comment
Posted by SmallWorld (
I sure do love that little girl!!!!!
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Nov. 21, 2007 - yes
Posted by onfire (
she was the one who very politely, and matter of factly asked me to scoot over on the picnic table bench on the first day, too. imagine. (hope you have more)
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Nov. 22, 2007 - What a doll!
Posted by QueenoftheHill (
And what a bummer to labor all night and THEN have a c-section! She's a beautiful little girl, and you'll be beating the boys off with sticks when she hits teenhood. Hope Mr. FYFTN is up to the task!

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