Wednesday, November 14, 2007


While looking at the High School Musical cd cover, Elisa starts asking me what their "real names" are.
Elisa: "Mommy, what is Gabriella's real name?"
Me:"Vanessa Hudgens"
Elisa: "What is Troy's real name?"
Me: "Zac Efron"
Elisa: "Chad?
Me: "Corbin Bleu"
Elisa: "No it's not, It's Chad. Chad Anooga."
On the way home from swim lessons today, she asks me, "Mommy, have we done the letter O in our ABC class yet?" "Not yet." I say. "Good because I have a great idea for an activity for the word OV." "OV?" I asked. "Yes," she says. "can you use that in a sentence?" I asked. "Yes, she says, OOOOOVVVVV. It's a type of tree." I told her we would have to let Dr. Hibiscus know.
Did I mention this precious girl turns four tomorrow?

Nov. 14, 2007 - cool!
Posted by DrHibiscus (
maybe she's discovered a new species that has eluded science for all these years! if so we can name it after her: In latin it will be Ov elisaensis. Now, if she can just show me where to find such a tree we can get this all taken care of!
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Nov. 22, 2007 - You need to get that girl...
Posted by QueenoftheHill (
...a book on native plants! She seems to have a propensity. One of the major differences between moms with girls and moms without is, I suspect, that those of us without don't have the CD, the movie, or any knowledge whatsoever of "High School Musical." And I won't have anyone to tell me when I'm older that the color of lipstick I'm wearing is passe or that I need to update my hairstyle... (You can already see the effects of this!)

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