Wednesday, November 21, 2007


While looking over the options for our next semester of Monday Fun classes, I saw this class listed and thought it would be fun for Caleb.
Grossology: Icky sticky science. Lots of fun and lots of experiments. Find out why you have bad breath, what’s in your poop, what’s in your throw up and why you don’t want to eat your boogers.
Sounds like a good boy class to me. So, I ask Caleb about taking it sand said, "Then you could tell Bekah and Elisa why they shouldn't eat their boogers." And Bekah says, "Yeah, especially me."
So, on the way to Bible study that night, Caleb says, "Yeah, pretty much I don't eat my boogers anymore."
I can't wait to here what he learns....
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Nov. 22, 2007 - I thought it sounded really clever, too
Posted by QueenoftheHill (
But then I noticed they are holding the class at the crack of dawn! It's a challenge, but I'm going to try to limit my boys to 1 class. It is just too hard to entertain Baby any longer than that. Probably Shakespeare will determine what time we'll be there. OS loves that!

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