Thursday, January 18, 2007

Bekah, Bekah, Bekah

I got to go to my first round table tonight with my home school group. I don't normally get to go because I go to bible study with Caleb on the night we normally have it. So, as we go around the table and introduce ourselves, we were to think about our "problem of the week." Why is it that, when given a question such as this, my brain freezes, and I can not think of any problems ( in my perfect little life). While I did genuinely say I have a hard time juggling time with my two preschool daughters while doing school with Caleb, it wasn't until I was driving home that I "oh yeah" remembered my true "problem of the week"

Her name is Rebekah, although she likes to be called Bekah. She is my wonderful, fun, four year old daughter. Our day yesterday started great. We had a devotion to start our school day, and Caleb read from the bible. We were so picture perfect until Bekah decides to kick Caleb in the throat, and then after being punished for that, kicks him again. Bekah is not a big bully who goes around doing things like this. While she isn't perfect, this was not something I normally see from her. After being punished again, and after awhile of school, I thought we could spend some time together working on a project for her preschool that had to do with her name. So, as I am looking around for letter punch outs to decorate the page with Rebekah, Caleb comes down stairs to show me the bible she has decided to take apart. She took the whole cover and ripped it off. Now, if I had ignored her all day and thought she needed to seek my attention, I would have (maybe)understood she needed to act out, but this? I am at a loss. So, off she goes to her room again, and I am trying not to lose my temper, which I have been working on. She stayed up there a lot longer than Super Nanny would have allowed, but I wasn't ready to deal with her yet. And so, I call a freind seeking advice.
The thing about Bekah is that punishment doesn't bother her. No spanking, time out, take away anything does much to phase her. So, after talking to Sarah, who asked if she earned an allowance where she would have to buy a new bible, I had the thought...Bekah hates chores. I mean hates. So, I told her she could work , and work for me to earn money to buy a new bible. She wasn't crazy about this idea. And if the timing couldn't have been better, last night at church my friend Heather gave her $1 for sticks she helped her pick up. I have to admit I was a little excited to go over to her and remind her of the money she owed. She really didn't like that.
So I ask, anyone who may be reading this. Do you have a child like this? Do you have any wonderful suggestions? The thing is she will smile at me through punishment and even cry out I love you so much. But, I have to say, as I am trying to get through to her that there are consequences to her actions, I put her to bed last night, and she tells me I am a great mommy because even when I get mad at her I still love her, just like God does. And I do...
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Jan. 19, 2007 - Ha!
Posted by SmallWorld (IP Not Logged)
LOVE the picture of B. with the sucker--you totally captured her irrestistible impishness. You ARE a great mom, and I'm glad you found what makes her tick!
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Jan. 23, 2007 - Her name is Olivia
Posted by booksandtea (IP Not Logged)
and she is also 4 years old. She is similar to your daughter. Unfortunately, I don't have any advice, only hugs.

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