Saturday, January 13, 2007

Another year...

The thing I like about getting older is that I am so glad I am not the person I was ten years ago. While I don't like to think of getting "old", I am thankful for the wisdom and maturity (for the most part) I have gained. I had a great day today. I got the "day off" and headed to Pigeon Forge for a day of shopping with two friends.
I love being with my girlfriends. I am blessed to have so many friends in many different areas of my life, each one being able to fill different needs. Today it was Sarah and Leigh. We had so much fun and laughed at silly stuff, said things I know I can't say to other people...and read a few labels wrong on some body spray, which made us want to pee our pants. (The Gap doesn't sell a spray called heave, just in case you were curious)
So, now I am a year older and thinking about things I really want to get to do over the next few years. I can't wait to go to Disney World with my kids. I grew up there (in Orlando) and can't wait for their excitement when we go. I really want to take another cruise..and another...We are at the point now where we can travel real well with our kids, which is this new found joy for me, mainly because I like to travel, so I hope we get to do that a lot. One thing I really want to do and have been saying so for ten years, is , I want to learn to "Riverdance" My heart just about explodes when I watch them dance, or even hear the music. I am sure I was born to do this! I practice in my living room, hoping someone won't see me through the window and call 911 over my flailing limbs...really, though, I am getting better at this dance which I have no idea how to do. So, once I accomplish this, I want to perform on stage somewhere, if only by myself with an audience of four. (Five, if God wants to peek in on it)
So, now I am 33. I love celebrating my birthday. My son made two baskets for me in his ball game and my family took me out to dinner after all the working out I did shopping. What a great day. As I told my kids, this is a day of celebration about me. And I have never been one to be shy as the center of attention.
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Jan. 14, 2007 - Reservations, please!
Posted by QueenoftheHill (IP Not Logged)
I'll take 2 tickets to that Riverdance Performance! And please bring a sample of "Heave" to Monday Fun for us all to try...
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Jan. 15, 2007 - congrats!
Posted by DrHibiscus (IP Not Logged)
Happy Birthday and welcome to the blogosphere! It's great to see you here. Have fun with blogging, and I'd like tickets to your Riverdance too! ;-) ps - stop by my blog and give me your opinion on my current post. I'd like to get as many different opinions as possible

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