Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Walking with pneumonia...or running, skipping...

It's never a good sign when, at 11 in the morning, Bekah is taking a nap in front of the t.v. She had a bad night and was up coughing a lot, and when I went to lay with her about 4 a.m. she was really warm and was wheezing. Being the organized person I am, I could not find a thermometer, so when I called the doctor office all I could say was "she feels hot."
So, Bekah and I went to the doctor yesterday. The Dr. thought possible strep throat until he looked in her throat and heard her lungs. Her throat was a little red, but her lungs sounded real bad. After two blood tests, he diagnosed her with walking pneumonia. Hers is bacterial, which he says is better than viral, just takes longer to get over.
Now we break out our nebulizer which has been neglected for over two years , and mix her antibiotic in with pudding because it tastes so bad.
Yesterday Bekah was puny and quiet (very rare), today she is back, full voice and all (she doesn't know how to just talk, it's really loud) and skipping around asking " when is my breathing treatment, and do I get more pudding?"

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Jul. 18, 2007 - Just a note...
Posted by agardenfull
Just passing through... too too bad for lil sweetie!!! Your site is beautiful!!!! Shirley
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Jul. 20, 2007 - that is hard for the summer
Posted by onfire
and Neal is feeling ripped off ... he didn't get pudding treatments and he certainly needed more than a couple of days to feel like skipping! he did, however, ride Evan's new birthday bike down the hall of his office (just to test it out, for Evan ... because one has to be sure) guess he is all better now, even without the pudding
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Jul. 23, 2007 - I hope she bounces back soon!
Posted by anotherblogonthefire
I know first hand that it is no fun. I was hacking and coughing during the blogger's picnic and that whole week - only to find when I got home that I had pneumonia. It's definitely a bummer to spend your vacation with that!

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