Thursday, June 28, 2007

A craft moment...

Elisa came up to me the other day with theUsborne book, "Christmas Fairy Things to Make and Do", and asked if I could do a craft with her. Now, I love to do crafts, but don't always do them when asked, mainly because it is yet another mess to clean up. Not wanting to say no again, we headed to the table and started to cut. Soon Bekah and Caleb were over asking if they could make a fairy too. So, we picked out colors of dresses, hair, glitter, legs...and we had a great time.
Of course, Caleb wanted me to understand he was making a "boy fairy" and chose orange and green for his. The girls chose pink and purple.
I have so many of these "things to make and do" books, mainly because I can't resist checking them out to tell others how great they are, since I do sell them. And I have these great plans to do each project with my kids...maybe that will be my weekly post...."My craft project of the week." I told Sarah I felt very Smallworldish since she had just done the same with Duncan.
Anyway, it's amazing how much smoother my day goes when I take just that little bit of time to read blogs to spend with them. Even if it is a Christmas project in the summer.

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