Friday, June 22, 2007

Summer fun...

I thought I would be slowing down for the summer, taking time to rest and relax...but we seem to still be full speed ahead, just doing different things. Each of my kids have done at least one camp. Between that and Caleb running track, Feed Your Faith events, teaching gymnastics, and cub scout cookouts, we have kept pretty busy. Here I thought I would "do school" now and again...just to finish up what we had not, or get an early start. Tee hee. Anyway, here are some of our summer fun pics..

Bekah and Elisa went to dance/gymnastics camp. Here's Bekah on the "vault"

Elisa on the bars, while the others made their way to the floor.

We got to have Duncan over this week while Smallworld was at AHG camp. We also have a neighbor who lets us use his pool!
Caleb learned to swim last fall and loves jumping off the diving board..he's trying to get me wet with a cannonball.
Elisa cracks me up with all her floaties on...she also has on a life jacket!
Bekah is normally my bravest one, but she hasn't warmed up to the idea of jumping in the deep end this year.
Here is Caleb at Cub Scout camp. He was elected to be the Jedi in Jedi tag...or something like that...
This was the coolest part of camp for me to see. Caleb is really good at archery. I was so proud of him. Mike is going out to buy him his own set.
I can't believe it isn't even July yet....but we're having fun... and the kids are all napping in the afternoons :)
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Jun. 22, 2007 - wow..
Posted by fyftn
I have two notes to make about this post. 1. You guys look like you are having a blast this summer. Wish I could be there for some of it. :) 2. You have some great looking kids. I know they have a great looking mom. Must have a great looking dad too. :)
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Jun. 23, 2007 - Wish I were there too!
Posted by mom
I sure am having fun reading about 'my' family so far away. It makess me feel a part of the fun. Like Mike, I'm working way too hard. Be sure to tell Mike's dad about Caleb's archery. He was pretty good at it too. As for me, I kept twaning my arm. Ouch!! The pool looks like fun. We are roasting to death in our severe draught. 90 today with no a/c. Whew!

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