Monday, June 18, 2007

This is what happens...

When you leave your pumpkins out in your front flower bed instead of throwing them away...

When we first started seeing these come up in late March I had visions of a cute little pumpkin patch and my children proudly displaying their own pumpkins. And then I thought, we could set up a little stand, like a lemonade stand, and they could sell these pumpkins. There were ten plants. And then, Easter weekend we had a frost and as we pulled out of the driveway to church, my dreams were gone, my plants dead.
My neighbor said "good thing, they would have taken over your yard and mine too." I didn't think about that. While I have been to many a pumpkin patch, it never occurred to my little brain how big they would get in my yard. Oh well, they were gone.
It didn't take too long for seven more plants to come up. I knew I should have moved them, but, that would require, well digging and watering ...(I'm not much of a gardener) And so, here they are, and Mike says they mulitply every day. So what if we can't park in our driveway by October? I will have my own home grown are my two favorites..

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Jun. 18, 2007 - I think that's so cool...
Posted by proverbsmomof3
We have tried several times to grow pumpkin with little or no luck. Maybe next year we'll do what you did and finally get some. :) Thanks for sharing.
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Jun. 20, 2007 - well
Posted by onfire
Jonam would be thrilled if his pumkins grew that way ... any way, actually. I told him that they were hardy plants and could grow just about anywhere (as I pushed two seeds into a pile of old sod in a heap near our firepit, and another one in the rotting leaf pile next to our rhubarb. I really didn't want to deal) so, I broke down and bought the only pumpkin plant at the grocery store greenhouse thing (with one vine half twisted off) and after only two days I must admit it looks like I have to deal after all.

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