Monday, June 11, 2007

No intervention needed, Queen...

Queen of the Hill has called me out on being blogless for two weeks. Fitting, since I called out Monkeyparade....guess I won't do that again.
So, coming off the excitement of my new niece is the very stange relationship between me and my sister. And so, the first week of Maggie's life wasn't great for me, as I was not allowed to see the little girl after her first day. So, there is my pity party, although, things are a bit better, at least as better as it gets for me and Beth.
And so....about a month back I thought about giving up TV for the summer. I was convicted in the Sunday school class I am teaching with a friend. We have the high school girls and are going through the book "Every Young Woman's Battle" This has been a bit uncomfortable at times, but it has been good for all of us...even us not so young women. Anyway, one of the weeks we talked about the infulence of the media and TV, magazines etc. and talked about a 30 TV fast. Lucky for me, it was right about the time my favorite, not so wholesome shows were ending for the year, so it would be easy :)
This is a bad cop out, I know, and easier than it would be in the fall. But, I am trying to refrain from the TV and have not seen Desperate Housewives, or Grey's Anatomy in about two whole weeks now. So, I decided to read this summer. And I just finished my fifth book since last Monday. Yes, these are novels, not Curious George books...
I really enjoy Christian Fiction, so last week I grabbed all the Karen Kingsbury and Beverly Lewis (whom I previously had never read) and curled up and read....The Preachers Daughter, and The Englisher, by Beverly Lewis...and if you have The Brethren, let me know ,someone is hoarding the library's copy...Gideon's Gift, Sarah's Song, and Hannah's Hope, by Karen Kinsbury (who is my very favorite author.) The last three are shorter books, and Gideon's Gift is being filmed to be a motion picture this Christmas starring Christian Slater....just a little FYI....

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Jun. 11, 2007 - Untitled Comment
Posted by LaDonna C.
I'm so glad you finally got around to blogging again! Don't you just LOVE Beverly Lewis??? I have read everything she has written. I have a couple of her books, but not the one you're looking for. Be sure to read The Shunning series she has. Have a good summer away from TV!!!
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Jun. 11, 2007 - no tv
Posted by onfire
is surprisingly easy ... trust me. we have presently three television sets in our home. one is a wee little black and white that neal has had forever, another is a larger screen tv my parents gave us because the remote stopped working with it (please) ... it also likes to turn on spontaneously, so I unplugged it and it sits in the upstairs hallway. the third tv is a new model we purchased so we could watch dvds (the one my folks gave us was not compatable with the new dvd players). we have no cable or satellite, so only a handful of channels come in, on a clear day. once, we had our tv in a closet so we had to go through an ordeal to get it out. we soon learned to live without it, but the kids we fostered couldn't and, you guessed it, it came out again after almost a year. I truly regret not pitching it out completely. we regularly watch american idol and one half-hour sitcom on monday nights, when ctv decides to air it. I also watch the price is right with the boys. sad choices, really. I doubt,though,that I am missing anything at all ... kristina
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Jun. 11, 2007 - I'm so glad an Intervention wasn't necessary!
Posted by QueenoftheHill
I've thought very seriously about turning off my TV. The King absolutely hates it and tells me all the time that every show I like is completely unChristian. The truth is, I'm an Input Junkie, with an extra bad case of HGTV addiction. (HGTV is something you're missing, Onfire, without cable -- and they'd probably put you on in a feature spot with that clever "flower bed"!) But when the Lost season ended, I thought "why not?" Somehow, though, the plug is still in the wall and I can hear "America's Funniest Home Videos" on, even as I type...
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Jun. 11, 2007 - Untitled Comment
Posted by SmallWorld
You are bold!! I find that I have little interest in TV these days. We do every summer, but I'm always right in the middle of a good book...
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Sep. 9, 2007 - Untitled Comment
Posted by SchoolinRhome
My all-time favorite serries from Beverly Lewis is Abraham's Daughters. She is a great author. I have tried some of Wanda Brunsettler's but I still seem to lie Beverly Lkewis better. (Maybe it is because I read her first.) I will have to try Karen Kingsbury sometime.) Thanks! We haven't turned out the tv but I'd love it. I just don't know if I can right now. I use videos to help so I can have one-on-one times with my kids throughout the days. Maybe when they get older we will do this! I do heavily monitor the tv though!

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