Saturday, September 20, 2008

What is that?

Awhile ago, I woke up to a sound of six dings, for lack of a better word. I thought it was coming from my bathroom, so I got up to check it out and saw the ipod, so I figured it had an alarm on it. I went back to bed.
For the last week, it has happened every night. No ipod in my bathroom, and I don't even know where it is coming from. The first night I heard it again I woke up Mike, who was sick and really not happy that I asked him to check out the house. Our house is like Fort Knox, thanks to the previous owners. It has an alarm that sounds when all windows, doors, and garages are opened. It has stoppers on the back of all doors, so that even if someone picked a lock, they couldn't open the door. (my imagination runs a little wild with possible intruders) Anyway, Mike, in his not feeling so good state, walks around the house and finds nothing.
The next night, I am on the couch because Mike is hacking up a lung in our room, and again...this stupid alarm. So, I check out the house...nothing...and the next night and the next...and I realized the last two nights it goes off at 12:15 a.m. What is this sound? I have had both our cell phones next to me, to see if it the have an alarm...nope...I don't think it is the ipod, though it will stay close to me tonight...
Ahhhh....have you seen the Friends episode with the smoke alarm? Just call me this point, I just want to go to sleep without being jolted awake by this annoying, irritating, bothersome alarm...make it stop.....
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Sep. 20, 2008 - hmmm
Posted by TheMonkeyParade
Do you have timers in other places? Like your stove or microwave? Maybe they are set for a 24 hour cycle....
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Sep. 20, 2008 - ding
Posted by Anonymous
could it be the fridge not being all the shut, or the dishwasher? maybe you are just crazy and have rabies. who knows? it's probly the second choice.
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Sep. 20, 2008 - ding
Posted by sam
i forgot to write my name on that last comment. it was not some random person insulting you. just sam. have a good one.
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Sep. 22, 2008 - ding too
Posted by Barbara
I actually had this same thing. We had moved into our new 4 level split and all the childrens' bedrooms were upstairs while my husband and I slept in a room underneath them. One night when I went up to nurse a baby I heard what was definitely a digital watch beeping its ubiquitous "beep-beep, beep-beep" 32 times before turning off. So I knew what it was, but why was my husband's watch alarm set for 12:30am? didn't make sense. In the morning I asked him, and after checking we realized it was not his watch. I don't have one, the kids don't have one. And we forgot all about it. Until the next time I had to feed a baby or check on a sick kid. The kids all slept through it, but it drove me crazy! Eventually it stopped (I assume the batteries died) and we never found it. Until,..... We were doing some renovations and hiding inside the hollow core door of my nursing son's bedroom (which had a hole in the bottom from a door stopper incident) was just the face of a digital watch, left here lovingly by the teen aged boy who slept in that room before we bought his house. A cruel prank, but very clever if you think about it! Barbara (formerly bestsister)

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