Monday, September 8, 2008

Back in the swing...

Summer is officially over around here,well, except for all this heat....we started school four weeks ago, which I can't believe. And today we started our Monday Fun classes. This is the first year we are staying for four hours, and the first year I won't have Elisa at my side in my preschool class. She isn't quite in kindergarten, but doesn't need to be in preschool classes either...And so it was a little chaotic trying to figure out where the four of us needed to be each hour. But it was a great day, and even though I am teaching three classes, I have taught two of them many times, and the third I am team teaching with my friend Julie who is on top of things, and made sure we had our semester already planned before we started today.
I am already looking forward to this school year. After last year, things can only get better! Last year, right about this time, Mike and I had the crazy notion to put our house on the market, and it took a LONG time to get it ready for sale. And then we waited, and waited. And also saw how awesome God is in the process, by us finding and affording a house above and beyond anything we ever imagined. And so now in my new house, I don't have school stuff scattered everywhere, but in my new school room in the basement.
The room is cluttered and packed with every book and school supply imaginable, but, I know where everything is...and every day we do school, it is still there. I discovered after we moved here that there was more than one pencil in our house. In fact, there were about 100. It's amazing how much you have when it is all in one place, I don't even know how man pair of scissors I found. My school books are on my desk when we sit down to school and the kids workbooks are in their baskets. It makes the day so much smoother when I am not breathing fire wondering where the math book went....again....
And so, here we are, our fourth year of homeschooling...and so far we are all ready an excited for a new year. Gymnastics is back in session...AHG and Cub Scouts starts on Thursday...and we have four weeks down...and something like 32 to go....

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Sep. 9, 2008 - Untitled Comment
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Yay! You blogged! I'm so proud of you!
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Sep. 9, 2008 - Untitled Comment
Posted by Sam
Aren't you glad me and gina helped you pick out that fine home? you're welcome.

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