Friday, February 2, 2007

Little Joe

Caleb has this precious stuffed bunny named "LIttle Joe" This wasn't always his name. When Marj, my mother in law , gave this bunny to Caleb at one month old, I named him "Bunny" because that was the name of my rabbit before I had Caleb. This was a beautiful stuffed animal,and I kept him on Caleb's dresser. I was sure that Caleb would fall in love with the Pooh Bear I got him, because that is what I slept with as a little girl. ( OK, he stills sleeps under my chin at night and went to the hospital with me each time I had a child) But, when he was old enough to have a stuffed animal in his bed, he went for LIttle Joe. It was this instant love between them. That was about six years ago.

I love watching Caleb with Little Joe. Even at almost seven, he talks to Little Joe and takes him everywhere. When Caleb was two, he renamed Little Joe "Rabbit" and couldn't decided if he were a boy of a girl. He wanted him to be a boy, but, he had a pink bow. In the end, he kept him a boy and at four, he saw the Veggie Tale show "The Ballad of Little Joe" and the name has stuck. Little Joe is Caleb's "son" as he calls him, and Caleb reminds me there aren't five in our family, but six. He has been known to be in a few of our family pictures. If we travel on an airplane, I have made a little tag for Little Joe, in case he gets lost. The thing is, not only would Caleb's heart be broken, but so would mine. I have also come to love Little Joe.
The other day, Caleb asked my mom to make a blanket for Little Joe because so much of his fur has been loved off, and he gets cold. Last night, my mom gave him the blanket, with airplanes on it,and stars, and just right for Little Joe. As I went to check on Caleb last night, Little Joe was tucked in his blanket, and snuggled next to Caleb, who takes such great care of his little son.

Feb. 3, 2007 - SOOOOO precious!
Posted by QueenoftheHill
MS has a lion that he loves, named Jerry. Grandma has crocheted Jerry a veritable wardrobe full of tiny blankets, at MS's request. He sleeps in a special shoe box with an assortment of friends who enjoy the special privilege of never being put away at clean-up time (because they are Jerry's friends, they obviously must stay with him). Is there anything sweeter than little boys and their special friends

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