Saturday, November 15, 2008

Three beautiful things...

OK, I wasn't going to post another blog today, because I wanted to make sure everyone saw my precious girl on her if you missed that one go to it next :)

But, Smallworld had to go and post her three beautiful things, causing me to think, and then want to post my they are...

1. My Elisa's birthday and the look on her face with each gift...she got an extra gift because one of her gifts was this sweet bunny we got at Build A Bear...but with the whole lice thing, she can't have any animals, and I didn't want to give her that from C and B and then say, "sorry, that's all you got, now she goes away for a few weeks." So, she got a little extra!

2. Caleb making a banner and taping it to one of his chairs so she would have a special "birthday seat" where she could open her presents...he is very creative and wrote "yah! you're 5! Happy Birthday!"

3.Hearing Bekah in the bathroom say,"I Love you, E" and Elisa saying it back....they are dear, dear sisters....especially since Elisa got the Pet Shop Bekah has "always wanted"...Bekah said "oh, you will share with big sister, right?"

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SmallWorld at Home said...

So precious. I'm so glad that your sister/daughters love each other so!