Wednesday, October 17, 2007

In case you are interested...

My weekend with my family did go better than I thought. That is, when I got "the call." Two days passed before my sister called me, and when she did I was at the Fall Festival. (which Smallworld wrote so nicely about.) I wasn't just there having fun, I had to work. I teach gymnastics and we had shows there all day. So when the call came to " see what you were up to today," I said that my girls were getting ready to perform. To my complete surprise, my whole family, brother and all, (who I didn't know was here) came and watched my girls dance.
I got to spend time with everyone again the next day at my niece's baptism. Here was my favorite part, but first I have to put out a note that, I am not a Catholic basher, it is what my whole family is...I just thought this situation and comment were....well, interesting?? A priest came to sit next to me and my dad, and, after my dad introduced my sister Amy and then was reminded that, he did indeed have two more children, he was introduced to my brother and I. I said, "that's OK, we are just the step children." ( we really aren't, just feeling like it..) So, he asks my son, "Do you remember your baptism?" I was curious how Caleb would react because this is something we have talked a lot about lately at my house. Caleb just shrugged and the priest says, "well you should remember , you were there." To which Caleb looks at me and says, "was I baptized as a baby?" I looked at the priest and said, "We go to First Christian Church. Caleb was dedicated as an in fant, and has not been baptized." To which the priest says, "I like to think we are the first Christian church." End of conversation.
So...what else is there to say? The time I got with my family was nice, I got to have lunch with them the next day, and a little shopping for another niece who just turned 10. My sister said to me as she was leaving, "don't make yourself a stranger." Not sure what she meant since I am the one that has to do the calling... but oh well....just glad to have gotten through a family get together without tears!
Here is the whole family, minus Amy's 3 kids that stayed home in WA.

Oct. 17, 2007 - I do have to say...
Posted by fyftn
... that was the most pleasant family reunion I can remember in quite some time. The "Catholic moments" were very humorous. I particularily enjoyed the fact that the priest, although sitting right next to you for the whole baptism, never said another word or gave another look in your direction. I don't think he was very comfortable. We made it, you and I, with no tears. I'd say that's a positive step.
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Oct. 18, 2007 - thank goodness!
Posted by the other mom
I thought about you all weekend and wondered how things were going. I'm glad to hear they weren't as bad as you had thought they might be. Looking forward to seeing you soon!
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Oct. 18, 2007 - Untitled Comment
Posted by LaDonna C.
I'm so glad it went better than you could have hoped. I prayed that you could have something positive come out of it. I've been having family issues of my own, so I feel for ya, Sista!!!
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Oct. 23, 2007 - LOVE!
Posted by onfire
the look on your daughter's face ... it's like she is saying "um ... daddy ... are YOU a part of this family, too?" looking for reassurance or something. cracked me up. and you look peaceful and beautiful in spite of it all.

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