Saturday, April 28, 2007

What a "great" mom

My kids and I finally made it to Dollywood this week for the first time this season. This is a big deal for my kids, since there are 3 months of the year they don't get to go...We had a great day with my friend, Donna, who has two girls my kids ages. Her oldest, Katie, ( six months older than Caleb) talked about what rolller coasters she wanted to go on, prompting some excitement from Caleb, who tells me each year, "I'll go on one next year. "
And so, he talked all day about oging on the new roller coaster Mystery Mine. I tried to talk him into a diefferent one, but no, this one sounded great to him. Now I had never been on this one before , which was my first mistake in saying yes, and Katie said she would never go on it again, which was my second mistake. And so as we wait in line, and they measure Caleb to see if he is tall enough. Oh, and they say he will be a man after this ride.
We get strapped in in go forward just a moment before we drop straight down into who knows what. I was the only one who screamed, and probably scarred Caleb for life. Then we proceed to incline. Now this, I can handle, except that we are flat on our backs being liftied up to once again be thrown over the edge. It is at this point I can no longer will my eyes open. ( by the way, we got to do another lovely lift like that again.) The funnest part of the ride was actually the upside down part because we were outside and could see what was ahead of us. (this was the brief part i did open my eyes for. When we finished Caleb looked at me and said "I don't want to go on Thunderhead"
And so, I don't know I will ever get him on another coaster. My mother did the same thing to my sister. Glad to know I can carry on a family tradition....

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