Thursday, November 4, 2010

15 years...

Today is Mike's and my 15th Wedding Anniversary! We were married on November 4, 1995 in Evansville, IN, on what was the coldest day of the season. And it was cold! I wanted to get married in the fall since it is my favorite time of year, and growing up in Florida, you don't get a lot of fall.

I am sure I thought when we got married, "so and so has been married for 15 years?!" thinking it was such a long time. But for me it has flown by. I am not poetic, nor great with sweet words, but it has been a wonderful 15 years. I married my best friend. I have moved with him four times. I have laughed with him and cried with him. I have rejoiced with him and fought with him. I have four children with him, and one in heaven. And I love him more than anything.

Tonight we will celebrate at our favorite restaurant, the Melting Pot. And this weekend we will get away by ourselves to Asheville, NC.

Happy Anniversary, Mikey. I love you so much!

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