Saturday, October 2, 2010

My weekend..

I'm supposed to be in Florida, I'm supposed to be in Florida, I'm supposed to be in Florida....but I am not. Mike is in Florida, I am here. He has his second to last Love Worth Fighting For Marriage Event of the year in Lakeland today. We were all going to travel down there together, have dinner with my best friend from high school, see my brother, reminisce about when we were dating down there, and of course, have lunch with Kirk Cameron when it was all done on Sunday afternoon (and see if he remembered my name this time so he doesn't call me Mrs. Williams ever again)

but...Micah started feeling puny on Tuesday and we both got a little (a lot) worried that 11 hours in the car with a possibly sick baby and three other kids wondering "are we almost there?" would be a bit much for a four day trip. So Mike flew there instead, and I stayed here.

which meant...I got to take the kids to Chic Fil A last night for dinner and then get ice cream...take Caleb to his best friends house for a sleepover, and then cuddle with my girls in their bed while looking through the American Girl catalog, wishing which dolls we could get. (yes, we. I want a Julie doll, she is from 1974, the year I was born)
It meant that Micah got a full nights sleep in his own bed, and I got to watch Elisa score two goals in a soccer game I thought we would miss.
I also got ahead (by 3 weeks!) on my planning for the 50 states class I teach, impressing my co-leader who is much more organized than I.
And, I sat and watched my Thursday evening programs on that I missed the night before since we no longer have cable.

I do...miss Mike. I miss that I am not there with him trying to help bring his stress level down. I miss that I am not the "ticket" lady today and I won't be there first hand to see how excited all the couples are going in, and coming out of the conference. I miss the funny stories Warren Barfield will tell and that I can't text my friend Eileen tomorrow bragging that I had lunch with Kirk (who does recognize me now)... I will enjoy my little people, curl up with a book when I get the chance, and enjoy that I will get to spend Sunday morning at my favorite church, leading the worship team, and learning from our pastor. And I will get the chance to say goodbye to my oldest nephew, Travis, who is leaving for basic training on Monday.

and...I will look forward to coming home from Monday Fun on Monday and having my Mike(y) home for a few days, and we will share how great our weekends were.


SmallWorld at Home said...

Awww. I'm glad you're here! And SO is Duncan!!

Eileen said...

I'm touched - you mentioned me in your blog!!!!

Tami said...

Doesn't God bless us in all the right places when we need it the most? This post was a great reminder of that Donna! :0)