Thursday, January 22, 2009

Why oh why?...

Why must my sense of smell be so affected by this little person growing inside of me?

When I was pregnant with Bekah, we had just moved to TN, and had bought our first house. A friend of mine back in WA had these Glade plug ins that I loved, so I bought them after we moved and put them everywhere in our new house....that is until the smell made me sick really quick. I still can't have those, or really any kind of plug in in my house.

A few weeks back, I bought some eucalyptus for my dining room. I have always loved this smell, and it looks so pretty on my dining room table. Now, every night...the smell comes into my living room as I lay on the couch and ugh...will I ever lie this again? And what about noodle with Parmesan cheese? This is a staple in my family. It is what I lived on when I was pregnant with Caleb....but even to smell noodles cooking...and don't even think about leaving the Parmesan cheese out....makes me run to the bathroom.

I can't open my refrigerator without holding my breath...I never know which smell, and I'm not talking rotten food, will come out at me...and poor Mike, he has become the sole dishwasher around here...please don't let anything lay around the sink...and don't put water in it to soak it...

It amazes me the changes you can go through in such a short time...from foods I used to love...I won't get started on this...but will say it will be a long time before salad ever enters my mouth again... to smells that make me sick....and I wonder what parts of me will be the same when I finally meet this little baby?

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Sam said...

after reading your blog i am sure of one thing. gina and i will have dishwasher before she gets pregnant.