Friday, January 30, 2009

An Elisa-ism

Yesterday, I went downstairs to wake Mike up about 11...a.m., not p.m. He had come home from work around 7:30 that morning and wanted me to get him up so we could go to lunch together. He sleeps in Caleb's room when he works at night, since Caleb sleeps in the basement and has no windows.

Elisa heard me come downstairs and ran into the room when she saw Mike was awake. First, I have to say that Elisa knows how to light up a room and make you feel loved. It could be five minutes, five hours, five days since she has last seen you and she lights up with a big smile and big dimples. She just makes you feel so loved. So, she runs in to see Mike and I, and soon after in comes Bekah.

Mike says, "I have my three princesses here with me. No, make that one queen and one princess."

Elisa says, " Yes, Daddy, Mommy is the queen, Bekah and I are the princesses, and Caleb is the servant!."


onfire in PNG said...

HA! love it!

Gina said...

I love it! What does Caleb say about that?

Kristi J said...

Just saw your blog through some one elses...Cute family!! Just thought I'd introduce myself,
kristi johnson