Monday, June 20, 2011

What Micah is up to....

This little guy of mine, oh how I do love him!! He is funny and silly, and busy and loves cars!!! He is talking a lot and I wanted to remember some of the things he is saying at this here it is, another Micah post.
His favorite thing in the world is cars. And trucks. And choo choos. When we dirve down the road, he has to point them all out. "Mommy, a car, Mommy a truck, a big truck! Mommy, a bus! Oh, a choo choo, a plane!" When we find a punch bug and call it out, "Silver Punch Bug!" He says, "Moooom", or "Daaadd." Before he could say cars, he said, "hars."

He also says yes and no now. I miss his gesture of tapping his cheek when he said no. And he also says "uh huh" for yes. He calls us "Mommy, Daddy, Bubby, BB, and EE." Grandma and Grandpa are both "Papa." He also says "Jesus" He loves our VBS music and videos and asked to listen to Jesus. He also goes to the statue of Jesus at my Mom's house and kisses it and says, "Jesus."

This weekend he pointed to a spot on his knee where he hard hurt it and said ,"boo boo" and then leaned over and kissed it. If you ask him who is my big boy, or who is cute he says "Me!" He also tells me when he pee pee and poo poos, but hasn't on the potty yet. He does like to flush the potty when I am done and say, "bye bye pee pee!"

Oh, and "mine" is a big word around here. I am working on that. Inside and outside are big words around here too. So is shoes. And he loves his shoes. But only one pair. His blue sandals. Dogs are popular around here too. He calls them "Ruff Ruff's." Cats are "Meow", but you have to stick your tongue out. . Horses are "Nee Nee"

He is growing so fast, as they all have. In about 6 weeks, we will be celebrating two with this precious little miracle.


Julie said...

You need to add that he is also super photogenic! I love the pictures.

Camilla said...

Awesome! And absolutely precious and adorable. Was drawn immediately to the picture and just had to read about your little guy!
--Camilla Anderson