Monday, September 20, 2010

Fighting in the Civil our backyard...

I am not sure if we will ever make it through this war or not, it has taken forever. So, we took the fighting outside and "reenacted" many battles in our backyard.
For the Union: Mike, Rebekah, and Elisa
For the Confederacy: Donna, Caleb, and Micah (our little spy...he even took Mikes weapon using his sweet little smile) (oh, and he was captured too)

Caleb getting in some target practice..
Micah was captured early...they got him by coaxing him with a wagon...the Union meant business with their lineup
It was fun watching my girls playing with "guns"
Here they are on the Monitor
And the Confederates on the Merrimack...we got Micah back, but he got gun powder in his eyes here!
Micah on the lookout
Micah doing what he does best...acting sweet, then swiping Mike's sword
Another victory for the Union
The kids had a really great time, and hopefully this will be something that will help them remember some of the battles and victories of the Civil up, who shall be Abe Lincoln delivering the Gettysburg Address...

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