Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year....

Goodbye 2009, you will be missed...

What a year it was! Last year was an amaing year for me....I saw my marriage strengthened, many prayers answered, my kids growing and healthy, a baby boy on an ultrasound, Caleb's baptism, another great school year together, and the birth of Micah, causing us to go from a party of five to a party of six!

I also saw Mike having to have surgery for a kidney stone that was no longer there, a kidney infection and pneumonia, Bekah lose 6 teeth (not that that was a bad thing..I am just waiting for them to come back in!) , our old van "die", a potential fire, a water leak,and Mike's Grandmother pass away.

Through the good and bad, I have seen God be faithful to our family. We are blessed beyond measure.

So...I have gone through last years blogs (not that there were too many...) and thought I would post the first sentence of the last blog of each month...(sometimes the last was the first!)

January: (I had to post the last sentence from this one, it was too funny)

Elisa says, " Yes, Daddy, Mommy is the queen, Bekah and I are the princesses, and Caleb is the servant!."


Yippee! tomorrow is the last day of February. It has become my least favorite month of the year.


Today I became an Aunt for the 9th time...and my sister became a mommy for the 6th, giving birth to her second daughter, Cecelia Grace....


Last year when we moved in to our new house, my mom took me around the yard to tell me which plants were which, and which flowers were which...I am not good at that.


A week ago I had a list made for Mike and I of things I wanted to accomplish by this weekend so we could have my (favorite) Aunt and Uncle stay with us, while other company was in staying at my parents.


So, I have never had "maternity" pictures taken before...I always thought I don't want to remember how big I actually get when I am pregnant!!


For the past five and a half years, we have been a party of five...I thought I was so clever to name my blog and email address by the same name...I love my little party of five...One amazing husband and three kids who I think the world of.


Our precious boy, Micah James, entered the world on Thursday, July 30 at 2:47 p.m.


Thank you, Sarah...for reminding me to not only think of three beautiful things today, but to post them...


Yesterday afternoon I started going through the seven totes of clothes I have of winter clothes for the girls. (we are very blessed to have people hand down clothes to us and we have an abundance.)


I blog...I is just blogging in my head lately.


This past weekend I was able to get out all my Christmas totes and start decorating for Christmas.

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Gina said...

I love the new layout of your blog and the post! It's fun to go down memory lane and I am glad I got to be a part of your 2009!