Saturday, September 19, 2009

Singin' in the Rain...

Dark clouds started rolling in yesterday late yesterday afternoon, after we had had a beautiful sunny day. My kids were outside playing when the skies opened very quickly and it started to pour. Mike asked where they were and I thought maybe they had come back inside and I just hadn't heard them...then I look out my front door and see Bekah walking on our rock the rain...soaking wet.

I remember doing this as a child and loving it...yet it is nothing I had let my kids do. Why? I don't know...I get uptight about things I shouldn't and I guess that was one of those things...but I looked and they were having so much I grabbed my camera and wached them run, jump, twirl and leap in the was really fun!!

Once the thunder started, and they came inside, I asked them what would be a good rainy evening movie to watch together and Bekah said "Singin' in the Rain." She had learned a dance to one of the songs this summer and never seen the movie. I wasn't even sure I had it. But, I went through all my VHS tapes and sure enough, it was there! And the front cover said "Helen" on it. I had my Grandma's copy. As the movie started, I teared up remembering watching this with my Mom and Grandma as a little girl. We watched it, and many musicals together growing up. My tears soon turned to laughter as my kids watched Donald O'Connor sing "Make 'em Laugh" The same song that gets my dad rolling on the floor laughing every time and is all our favorite scene.

And now when I tell my kids "Moses supposes his toeses are roses..." they know what that means...I love remaking old memories into new ones with my kids.


Sam said...

I used to love to do that. I see your new camera is getting used! Glad you're loving it.

Julie said...

Thanks for making me cry! I lost it when I saw Grandma Helen's name. I used to love going to her house and watching old musicals. I have her copy of The Sound of Music.

I'm sure she was thrilled watching you guys enjoy Singing in the Rain.

I loved the pictures...thanks for sharing!