Thursday, June 4, 2009

Guest Post---Mother's Day from Mike's point of view...

...ok, so I have been thinking alot about the "miserable, hospital post" and I wanted to take the time to write "what REALLY happened"!!!

It all started with my plans for a wonderful Mother's Day. I had to work on The Day, so I did some serious planning for a VERY memorable post Mother's Day week. Here are all the things I did for Donna. After reading this, I'm sure you will agree that I went above and beyond!

  • I took Donna out to dinner with the family at a fabulous restaurant!
  • I arranged for her parents to come over to the house and watch the kids after dinner.
  • I reserved her a WONDERFUL room with a view of the Smokey Mountains for a 5 day retreat.
  • She was served EVERY meal in bed for the entire duration of her stay.
  • She had a bed all to herself...adjustable to sit up and lie down I might add.
  • No one ever complained about the 120 straight hours of HGTV.
  • I arranged to have a personal servant respond immediately every time she pressed the red button next to her bed.
  • Personal leg massagers were provided to lovingly rub her calves.
  • I got her lingerie, including fancy robe and panties.
  • I arranged, via e-mail, for flowers to be delivered to her bedside.
  • I took care of getting the kids transported to baseball games, classes, etc as well as having child care provided for her entire stay at her "sanctuary".
  • Because of all the "planning" I did, she had dinner's delivered to her home for 2 weeks after returning home from her Mother's Day retreat.

Now...who wouldn't want a Mother's Day like that? I think I did a fantastic job!

And that, my friends, is the rest of the story.



Tami said...

what a guy!!!!! wow Donna... you never told me you had it so good! :0) i'm so glad that you're hubby knows how to take such great care of you.

great post! :0)

partyoffivetn said...

Obviously, I need to work on my gratitude :) Thank you Mike for making me laugh!!

Tina Riley said...

It has been a while since I read your blog. This is too funny. It makes me look forward to my own "Mother's Day Retreat" next month ;).