Thursday, May 7, 2009


My little 5 year old....she lights up a room...and my life...

I love when she comes to say good morning to me and then kisses me and my belly before asking "can I watch my movie shows now?"
I love conversations with her...she knows so much being the youngest and learning from the older two. Usually when I am frustrated with Caleb and Bekah for not listening to what I have just read them she will chime in, "I know what a bayonet is mommy."

So, here are three awesome Elisa conversations that I had to blog about from the past week...I don't want to forget them...she is too precious...

I was fixing her hair one morning and she says, "Mommy, did you know that God knows how many hairs are on my head?" I said," yes" She said, "how many do you think a hundred million trillion? I bet if I am real quiet God will whisper it in my ear."
I said "God does talk to us....I don't know if we will know how many hairs are on our head or not, but He does talk to us in our hearts and through his word..."
She said, "I talk to him too. Like the time I got in trouble with you and had to go to my room. I set the timer to brush my teeth and then I didn't. I lied to you mommy, so I went to my room and talked to God and asked Him to forgive me."

The other day Caleb and Elisa were talking about clouds, Elisa said "Caleb told me clouds were made out of water droplets, is that true? Because I thought they were made out of fluff."

And last night:
I should preface this by saying she is pumped about the baby, and my ever growing belly....she loves to hug it, kiss it, and talk to the baby.
So, last night before se went to bed, she lifts up my shirt for her to do all of that and she giggled that my belly button is starting to be an "outsie" and she said, "wow Mommy, how big is he now? Have you been reading your books?" I said, "the books say he is about 15 inches." And showed her how big that was.
She said "wow, so he goes from the top to the bottom...oh, and all the way over here too." (and she pointed to my ever growing "love handles"
I said, "nope, that is just all the extra cushion he needs."

My friend Leigh recently told me her daughter Beccah wants to have a little girl like Elisa when she grows up...I think we all need a little Elisa in our lives...

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sarah in the woods said...

That is so precious! She's a sweetie.